1. Why LI Empire Lacrosse?
Seize the opportunity to be part of the revolutionary world of lacrosse. Simply stated, you could be an average player on a great travel team or you could become that exceptional player that makes your travel team great. Work with extremely qualified coaches who have devoted a lifetime to playing and coaching lacrosse at the highest levels. These same coaches have excellent relationships and friendships with many division I, II, and III college coaches. These relationships will act as a bridge to help span the ever growing crevasse of the recruitment process.
2. How Will I Know If I Made The Team?
Team rosters will be posted by tryout jersey number to our tryout results page. If your number does not appear on any of the rosters, it does not mean that you will not make a team. Invitations will be ongoing until the team rosters are full.
3. How Do I Accept My Spot With LI Empire Lacrosse?
Once posted, we ask all invited players to register online to secure their roster position. All registrations take place online via our website. We ask you secure your spot within one week of the postings.
4. What is LI Empire's Refund Policy?
Once a player commits to playing for LI Empire Lacrosse, the spot is theirs. To receive a refund, we must find another player to fill your roster spot before any refunds can be granted. If you miss time because of an injury, a doctor's note must be supplied.