There are THREE orders. The first order is for GOALIE gloves only. The second order is for SMALL field player gloves only. The third order is for MEDIUM, LARGE, and EXTRA LARGE Field Player gloves. Please be mindful of the difference in the orders.


Order will be open until 11/16 and released at the uniform handout in later February/ early March.

**if you order after the 11/16 cut off date, you will be refunded and no gloves will be ordered for you. These are custom to LI Empire and are only ordered in bulk and cannot place a one off order. 



Available in sizes 10″- Small, 12″- Medium, 13″- Large, 14″ Extra Large

Cost: $130

Notes- has additional padding in thumb for optimal protection

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FIELD PLAYER GLOVES- Small (for larger sizes, keep scrolling)

Cost: $130

Notes- Evo 21 Custom Glove. This is for SMALL 10″ gloves ONLY!

FIELD PLAYER GLOVES- 12″-14″ (Medium-Extra Large) (if you need small scroll up one glove)

Cost: $150

Notes- Burn XP Glove. This is for sizes 12″-14″ (Medium-Extra Lage)

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