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10/29/2018 11:38 AM -

Name: Cole Burstein

School District: ESM 

Team: Empire 2028 Green

Position: Attack

Who is your all-time favorite athlete?: Will Manny

What is your earliest memory of playing lacrosse?: I can score Goals 

What is your most treasured possession? Why?: Lax sticks. I play with them.

What is your favorite part of playing lacrosse? Why?: Playing with my friends and winnning games. Lax is awesome

What is your favorite food?: 

What is your favorite song?:  

What is your favorite emoji? Why?: Poop emoji he is funny

Who is your Hero? Why?: Dad becasue he is awesome

Is a hotdog a sandwich? Why or Why not?: No, a sandwich is flat

What was the last gift that you received? Last gift that you gave?: Lax stick, Pokemon Cards 

What is your favorite Lacrosse Tournament to go to? Why?: All of them, I love lax

What do you want to be when you grow up?: Cop

If you could invite 2 famous people to dinner with your family who would you invite?: Paul Rabil, Will Manny 

Who is the smartest person you know? Why?: Dad

What is your favorite TV Show?: Spongebob

Favorite sport to watch on TV?: Lacrosse

What is your favorite school subject?: Gym

What is your favorite movie?: Alpha

What is your favorite Holiday? Why?: Christmas because i get presents


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